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What We Do

Our Philosophy
The Business Driving the Personnel Need

Reliance Workforce is a targeted recruitment agency. We understand the responsibility entrusted to us to identify the right talent. We understand that to be cavalier with the recruitment process is to be reckless with the business of our customer. The wrong candidate can mean missed revenue, unrealized business opportunities and failure to achieve. 


For the successful professional, career change requires inspiration. For that reason, Reliance Workforce has developed the tools and leave-behind resources to shine a light on every aspect of the career opportunity and characteristics of the right candidate wth one goal in mind: connecting talent with vision.  



Much like people, businesses have their own unique personality. Just as resumes do little to tell the story of the individual, job descriptions do little to communicate the vision of your career opportunity. Prior to any candidate being contacted for your position, we will work with you to round out the compelling message surrounding your company and mission. The founding principals that make it great, business opportunities that bring the future, the philosophies and values that have made your company what it is today- all of these things must be thoroughly understood and thoughtfully communicated to the candidate. 


Reliance Workforce provides tailored recruitment expertise from start to finish. 

Practice Areas
  • Construction Services

  • Energy & Alternative Fuels

  • Legal

  • ​Civil Infrastructure

  • Architecture

  • Design & Engineering 

  • Environmental Resources

  • Information Technology

  • Aviation

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